National Institution for Youth Education

Facilities Guide

Central Building International Exchange Building Athletic Building Arts Building Oka Tei Accommodation Facilities

- Central Building -

Central Building
80-capacity room
Cafe Fuji
300-capacity room (1) [Fixed tiered seats]
200-capacity room (3) [PC outlet 1 room]
160-capacity room (4)
120-capacity room (2)
80-capacity room (5)
40-capacity room (1) [PC outlet]
40-capacity room (16) [PC outlet 2rooms]
20-capacity room (18)  
Conference Room (2) [Round table 20seats]
Cafe Fuji  
Cafe Friends  

20-capacity room

300-capacity room (Seminar Hall)

- International Exchange Building -

International Excahge Building
1st Meeting Room
International Conference Room [Classroom style: 250 persons
Round table style:100 to 120 persons]
[Simultaneous interpretation system (5 rooms)]
1st Meeting Room [Classroom style: 120 persons
Round table style: 80 persons]
2nd Meeting Room [Classroom style: 60 persons
Round table style: 30 persons]
Reception Hall  
Service Corner  

International Conference Room

Reception Hall

- Athletic Building -

Athletic Building
Tennis Court
Tennis Court All-weather hard court, Rooftop (2 courts)
Swimming pool 25 meter x 6 courses, Indoor (Retractable ceiling)
1st Seminar Room Capacity: 40 persons
1st and 2nd Gymnasiums Volleyball(2), Basketball(1), Badminton(3), Table tennis,etc.
Large Gymnasium (When 1st and 2nd gymnasiums are combined) [Mobile stand 514 seats]
3rd Gymnasium  
4rd Gymnasium Dance, Aerobics, Wrestling, etc.
5rd Gymnasium Judo, Kendo, Karate, etc.

Swimming pool

Large Gymnasium

- Arts Building -

Arts Building
Large Hall
Fine Art Room
Large Hall Stage: 20m.wide 10m.deep 758 seats
Small Hall Stage: 17m.wide 8.5m.deep Up to 384 seats
Rehearsal room (1)  
Music & Drama Practice Room  
Medium-sized Practice Room (3)  
Small Practice Room (4)  
Small Music Practice Room (5)  
Small Drama Practice Room (10)  
Fine Art Room (2) Dyeing, Painting, Ink painting, Carving, etc.
Craft Room (1) Woodwork, Metalwork, Manual arts, crafts such as cloisonne etc.
Japanese-style Room (2) Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Flower arrangement, etc.
Exhibition Area Exhibition of photographs and paintings, Presentation for trainings and cultural activities,etc.
Restaurant Toki  

Medium-sized Practice Room

Small Hall

- Oka Tei -

Oka Tei
Japanese-style House Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Flower arrangement, etc.[Ten-mat rooms:2]

- Accommodation Facilities -

Accommodation Buildings
Lodging Building A Units of 10 and 20 singles rooms with a lounge (PC outlet)
(Capacity: 500)
Lodging Building B 2-person rooms (PC outlet) and 4-person rooms
(Capacity: 318)
Lodging Building C 2-person rooms (PC outlet) and 4-person rooms
(Capacity: 482)
Lodging Building D Single rooms (PC outlet)(Capacity: 200)
Restaurant Sakura  
Bathroom Large bathrooms: 2 Small bathrooms: 2

Lodging Building A
Single room

Lodging Building B
Japanese-style room

Lodging Building B & C
2-person room

Lodging Building B & C
4-person room

Lodging Building D
Single room

- Other Facilities -

Parking Lot Underground Parking Lot (200 vehicles) Coach Parking Lot (7 large-sized buses)